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Why us?

Learn IT courses in HINDI language

No tutor dependency

Corporate training on Individual Laptop -
    •    Each student will be assigned the individual laptop to learn
    •    The code/project you do will be stored on a centralized server

Flexible timings -
    •    Daily one hour is reserved for each trainee on the preferred time
    •    You can book extra hour(s) online, which will be compensated from your daily hours.
    •    For example, if a course requires 20 hours of learning, your daily hour is reserved for
        20 days. If you use an extra hour each day, you can complete the course in 10 days.
    •    If you still need extra hours after your course is completed, you can purchase extra credits to learn more.

Modular fee structure -
    •    Pay the fees as you go, pay fees only for module you learn

Code reviews by field experts -
    •    Each language has its own head of department
    •    The code you write in training project will be reviewed by the industry experts

    •    Learn the best practices used in the industry
    •    Your code will be evaluated & scaled, so the quality of your code will be improved

Course completion Certification

100% placement assistance