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Why You Should Read Every Day

Mar 18, 2019 01:17:56 PM

Reading is an active mental process, which often replaces a passive activity like watching TV. People who read have have higher GPAs, higher intelligence, a more diverse vocabulary, and greater general knowledge than those who don’t.

Simply, reading gives you tools in your analytical toolbox. It helps make you a better thinker. Reading also engages your brain, which essentially is working the muscles in your mind. The brain requires exercise to keep it strong and healthy now and over time.

Reading is a form of escape, helping you forget the daily hassles of life and enjoy the world outside of your own. This escapism is probably why I don’t force myself to read books I don’t enjoy. Reading a book you don’t enjoy is stressful. I’d rather find pleasure in the hobby. Everything you read—good or bad—helps to inform your writing. This alone is enough of a reason to keep reading. Internet consumption, much of which is done via mobile devices, makes it increasingly difficult for us to focus. We are used to multitasking and having a constant flow of short information coming at us. Reading books helps you practice and maintain your ability to focus.

The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become. This knowledge brings confidence, which builds into self esteem as people begin to look to you for advice and answers. Reading in your discipline helps you increase your expertise and become more specialized. This can help prepare you for new jobs or advances in your existing field. Overall, reading is an enjoyable hobby that results in many intangible health benefits and positive tangible life outcomes. Perhaps the most important benefit of reading is that it makes you a life-long learner.'