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Our aim is to teach everyone how to code and build iOS apps. We provide premium learning materials to help you become an iOS developer. If you want to create an app but don’t know from where to begin we cover the whole aspect of programming and iOS development. Learn swift, Apple's programming language for building iOS applications. Start with the basics and work your way towards completing sets of challenges in Swift.

How it work :

  • Learn Mobile Application Testing and Developing basics from a professional trainer from our institute
  • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated
  • Course content designed by considering current software testing technology and the job market
  • Practical assignments at the end of every module.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples
  • Training and Testing included

Course Features :

  • Getting Started with iOS 11 and Swift 4
  • Learn Swift 4 Step by Step
  • Decision Making
  • Loop Control
  • Tour of Xcode
  • MVC Pattern
  • Introduction to Navigation Controller
  • iOS App || Registration Form (Different Controls)
  • Delegates
  • Camera Management
  • Send Email
  • User Defaults
  • UIDatePicker
  • UIPickerView
  • Error Handling in Swift
  • UIAlertController
  • Form Validations
  • UIGestureRecognizer
  • Set App Icon and Splash Screen
  • Advance Auto Layout
  • Advance CoreData
  • What is GCD?(Grand Central Dispatch)
  • Introduction to Pod
  • How to use third party libraries?
  • Web API calling & json parsing
  • Setup push notifications
  • Create custom keyboard
  • Submit app to AppStore

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